Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta provides pre-school to post school learning in a 21st century learning environment, preparing students for whatever that future holds.


Your Child's Learning Journey

Learn about our Catholic learning way! We lead 80 great schools across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We’re so proud of each of these unique school communities!


Religious Education

Religious education is a lifelong process that guides people into ‘intimacy with Jesus Christ’. Have a look at our educational approach.



Catholic education has a long tradition of social teaching, at the centre of which is the dignity of the human person and the common good.


Education Programs

Our Catholic education programs provide quality learning and teaching by recognising that each child can and will learn and ensuring that their individual needs are met and their gifts developed.


Post School Options

Post School Options provides personalised intervention for students with additional learning needs to develop skills that can be transferred to the workplace. It is offered to students from Years 9 and 10. Students can also engage in Years 11 and 12, depending on their needs and study program in Stage 6.


Learning Pathways

We offer multiple pathways to meet the needs and interests of students and provide them with the opportunity to achieve multiple qualifications on school completion.


Meeting Diverse Learning Needs

Each child is unique and learns in a variety of ways and at different rates. As a system of schools, our commitment is to respecting and honouring the diversity of each individual as a fundamental principle of learning and teaching.


Research and Evidence

We work with education experts and academic partners from Across Australia and all over the world. These professional collaborations ensure learning programs are based on the latest research, evidence and best practise.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, friendships and confidence, in both primary and secondary schools.


CAPTIVATE Creative and Performing Arts

CAPTIVATE provides learning and performance opportunities for students and connects them with Australia's leading creative arts professionals and their wealth of experience and networks.



Catholic schools throughout the diocese offer all students a wide variety of sporting opportunities to challenge themselves and build their confidence.


Jarara Indigenous Education Unit

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta are committed to creating an inclusive and outstanding learning environment for young Aboriginal people and their families.


Marist Learning Zone (MLZ)

Marist Learning Zone (MLZ), in partnership with Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, is not a school but prepares young people to re-engage with learning in pathways that suit their needs.


Every Learner Every Day

School attendance plays a critical role in enhancing the lives of students in schools. Every day of attendance adds to a student's achievement and success at school. Schools in partnership with parents are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students.


Wellbeing and Safety

Our Catholic schools and colleges are places where students are nurtured to grow, to belong and to be safe.


The Learning Exchange

The Learning Exchange offers a wide range of high quality resources and programs for our Catholic schools supporting innovation and teacher learning in today’s world.