New curriculum to connect faith, learning and life

Connecting with the Catholic faith and traditions in a meaningful way enriches students’ lives. That’s why we’re listening to students, their families and teachers to ensure that the way we support learning and teaching in religious education meets their needs.

Based on contemporary research, a new Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta curriculum will speak not only to our students but to the world they live in. In transforming the way we teach Religious Education, we seek to transform students’ lives as well as our schools and society.



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Connecting with teachers to transform students’ experience of Religious Education

Follow our podcast about the changes taking place in Religious Education in the Diocese of Parramatta to learn:


What’s happening with the new curriculum


What does it mean for the current curriculum?


What will changeover look like?





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We see students as the centre of this new curriculum

As students are at the centre of developing this new curriculum, their voices are the starting point. To support a closer connection with the Catholic faith, we will bring our rich living tradition and say “how does this speak to your life experience?”

They will also help with the evaluation of the new curriculum.






How are we capturing those big questions from students across the Diocese?

The CEDP Mission Team have already started by asking Religious Education Coordinators (RECs) to ask students from Kindergarten right up to Year 12 “what are the big questions you are asking about your faith and your life?”. The responses have already begun to be gathered, and clear themes are emerging.





2018 Student Focus Groups

As Catholic schools for all, our Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta communities welcome students and teachers from many cultures and faith traditions. All students will have an opportunity to have their say about how we can better meet their needs in learning and teaching Religious Education.

These videos show students participating in this process.

What do you like about Religious Education?


What would you change about Religious Education?


What would you include in a new RE curriculum?




Frequently Asked Questions


Sharing Our Story, which is our current Religious Education Curriculum, was developed in 1991. A review of religious education and culture in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta schools was conducted in 2014 by the University of Notre Dame Australia.

The recommendations called us to rewrite Sharing Our Story to personalise learning, take into account the diversity of our school communities and the broader social context. Another key findings was that the teaching and learning strategies needed to be updated with a view to the new Diocesan learning framework.

Our Strategic Intent  Your Child's Learning Journey  Religious Education

Though there is slightly more guidance in the early years, student voice will be a focus across all age groups. Personalised learning will mean teaching to meet students’ needs which will vary according to age.

Our schools are shaped by their Catholic identity and their call to students to live out the example of Christ. Consequently, the teaching of Religious Education is the defining feature of our Catholic schools.

As the new curriculum starts to take shape, the insights and feedback of parents will also be critical. With this in mind, parent forums are planned for 2019.

Trialling of the new Religious Education Curriculum is planned for 2019 with implementation scheduled for 2020.

In the meantime, the existing curriculum, Sharing our Story is continuing to be used in all Catholic schools in the Diocese. The Religious Literacy Assessment (RLA) which has previously been conducted in Years 4, 6, 8 and 10, was also reassessed. While recognising that the RLA provided data about students’ religious literacy, it has been decided that it will no longer be used or reported on as a measure of achievement across the Diocese. Suitable alternatives for the RLA are currently under consideration.

Religious Education will continue to be reported on in school reports twice a year as part of the regular school reporting process.

Our Catholic Tradition  Religious Education




Bishop Vincent on faith, learning and life

My dream for Religious Education in our Diocese, in a nutshell, is for the students to come to know Christ and to love his teachings, what He stands for and to be inspired by Him in order to follow in his footsteps and to witness to the values he taught and exemplified.
I would like to see the students in our schools see themselves as disciples following in the footsteps of the master and carry on His kingdom vision and acting that kingdom vision for the world of today.
The new curriculum is not just a one way street. It’s not just our teachers proclaiming tenets of the Christian faith and doctrines we believe in. Young people engage much better with the Christian faith much more meaningfully, personally and seriously when their questions, concerns and issues are taken up.

Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD, Bishop of Parramatta




To learn more about the new Religious Education curriculum contact the Mission Team on 9840 5703.