St Joseph’s Kingswood experiences some Maths Mayhem!

St Joseph’s Primary School Kingswood Kindergarten to Year 6 students were able to showcase all their great learning during the school’s first Maths Mayhem Day!

St Joseph’s Primary School Kingswood put the ‘amazing’ and ‘fun’ back into Mathematics when it held its first Maths Mayhem Day!

Kindergarten to Year 6 students got the opportunity to showcase all the hard work they have been doing in Maths this year in a fun interactive environment with their parents, carers and teachers.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Numeracy Manager Barbara McHugh said she was thrilled to have been invited to the day and really noticed how quickly the kids were able to get started with their activities.

“Our work this year has been very focused on geometry, number sequences and measurement. It is really good to see the kids enjoy all the tasks and embracing the challenging ones too,“ Mrs McHugh said.

Kindergarten student Matilda and her mum Samantha Lee enjoyed Maths Mayhem - “I think it is great and very hands on,“ Mrs Lee said

“An experience like this brings what students are learning in the classroom into a different setting and demonstrate it to others. It also gives the parents and grandparents the chance to see what they are doing in class and being able to transfer it back home,“ Mrs McHugh said.

Kindergarten student Matilda and her mum Samantha Lee enjoyed Maths Mayhem as it gave them the chance to work on some Maths activities together.

“I think it is great and very hands on. I get to see what Matilda is learning and it has also given me some ideas on activities I can do at home with her. On the way home I plan on buying some matchsticks and playdough for one activity we enjoyed doing together,“ Mrs Lee said.

Maths Mayhem was so well organised Year 1 students Kayden and Navika couldn’t stop telling people how much fun they have had and how “amazing“ it has been.

St Joseph’s Principal Trish Reilly said the event was a follow on from their reading and writing event. “We wanted to create an event where the students feel engaged with their Maths. We even got the Count from Sesame Street here and managed to produce a new video called Joey No 5!“ Mrs Reilly said.

“We plan on doing this as an annual event because we think it is important for students to take pride in their learning and get the experience to practise it in a different setting,“ Mrs Reilly said.

Year 1 students Navika and Kayden said they really enjoyed the matchstick activity and thought the day was “amazing“


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