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Connecting students to new learning opportunities using technology

The School of Now is an innovative program that uses technology to increase student subject choices in Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta secondary schools. Year 11 and 12 students across different schools have the opportunity to learn together from an expert teacher with specialist knowledge and experience in supporting HSC students. This allows students to sign up for subjects that may not be offered at their home school, including a range of exciting electives like Engineering Studies and Software Design and Development.



School of Now specialist subjects


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Icon Software Design and Development  

Software Design and Development

Icon Industrial Technology (Multimedia)  

Industrial Technology (Multimedia)

Icon VET Information and Digital Technologies  

VET Information and Digital Technologies

Icon Information Processes and Technology  

Information Processes and Technology

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Icon English Extension 1  

English Extension 1

Icon Mathematics Extension 1  

Mathematics Extension 1



Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta - The School of Now

How does it work?

Each subject will be assigned an Expert Teacher who will be responsible for the delivery of the online course using Zoom and Canvas.

Students are also allocated a Mentor Teacher at their Home School to support them in undertaking a School of Now unit which includes using both technology and a face-to-face class each term. Online lessons are delivered at fixed times each week with learning activities in between sessions and ongoing feedback and support from their teachers.


Diagram - How School Of Now Works






How will student learning be assessed?

While Most subjects are Category A Board Developed courses and can be included in the ATAR calculation, VET subjects are also offered through the School of Now.

The assessment of skills and knowledge is content based focusing on subject specific areas, not based on computer competence and informal, ongoing assessment is administered through the online tasks. Formal assessment tasks will be undertaken at Home Schools, adhering to the Home School assessment policies and protocols. Students will receive a report of their progress at the end of each semester.






Learn more about the School of Now

For more information about The School of Now, please contact
Mr Steven Bauer | Teacher Educator (School of Now)
Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
Mobile: 0417 424 496  |  Email:





The process of learning can be quite relaxing as I am controlling my own learning, but it also has built in structures for reality checks for progress. - Warren Rodgers
The Face-to-Face lessons are good as it provides a good opportunity for direct feedback. It also allows collaborations with students from other school, which challenges and broadens my own knowledge. Leaves us wanting more...
Have fun learning with new students… and love working in new environment! - Khyl Bautista
Blended learning made it easier to ask questions and receive feedback
Different learning opportunities that I could not obtain at my own school.
It is great to have hands on learning in a virtual environment.