Compliance and Reporting

The School Compliance and Improvement team assists schools in the Diocese of Parramatta with quality assurance and school improvement processes throughout a five year Registration and Accreditation cycle.

Schools are supported in matters of educational compliance for Registration and Accreditation. Compliance audits of each school are conducted every year to ensure schools meet annual reporting requirements in order to provide the best possible outcomes for all students.








School Accreditation

Since 1993 the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta has been approved by the NSW Board of Studies to act as the registering authority for all of its member schools. The Board of Studies annually monitors the processes that the Catholic Education Office has in place.

Information about the requirements for registration and accreditation for systems of non-government schools and the registration and accreditation process is available on the Board's homepage, in the following locations:

Registered & Accredited Non-Government Schools Manual

Registered Systems & Non-Government Schools Manual



School Compliance and Improvement

All systemic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta are subject to ongoing monitoring procedures for registration and/or accreditation within five year cycles.

Monitoring procedures satisfy registration and accreditation requirements outlined in the Education Reform Act (1990 Amended 2004) as well as Parramatta Diocesan system requirements.





System Annual Report

2020 CEDP Annual Report


CEDP’s four priorities for the 2020-2025 period are:

  1. Mission is counter-cultural
  2. Learning is owned by the learner
  3. Equity is the norm
  4. Everyone is a leader.
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