CEDP Executive Team

The Executive Director has a team of directors to assist in the governance and oversight of CEDP.

The Executive Team is responsible for the development and execution of the CEDP system strategy in relation to:


Mission and Purpose (Our Catholic Narrative)


Strategic Intent




Stewardship and Accountability




The Executive Team

The Executive Team is comprised of six directors:



Executive Director

Greg Whitby

Executive Director

Greg Whitby is widely acknowledged as an innovative educator who is passionate about ensuring that schooling meets the needs of today’s learners. Over the past two decades, Greg has been rethinking the nature of learning and teaching in a digital age and has been instrumental in the development of new school and learning space designs to accommodate contemporary learning and teaching.


Director Learning

Maura Manning

Director Learning

As Director Learning, Maura leads the System Learning Team who support learning and teaching in schools by working with teachers in learning spaces; in partnership with school leadership teams on the goals of formation, literacy or numeracy.


Director Enterprise

Mark Holyoake

Director Enterprise

Mark is responsible for finance, property and facilities, office services, out of hours school care, procurement and contracts and the program management office.


Director Mission

Monica Officer

Director Mission

The partnership between Church and Mission sits at the heart of our work at CEDP and Monica provides leadership in supporting schools in maintaining and enhancing Catholic identity and mission.


Director Performance

Christine Howe

Director Performance

As a Director, Christine is committed to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to participate in engaging and challenging learning experiences provided by leaders and teachers who have a personal commitment to ongoing learning.


Director Performance

Debbie Buscall

Director Performance

Debbie holds a Masters Degree in Arts (Theological Studies) and Education (Administration) and is currently completing a Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership. As Director Performance, Debbie makes an excellent contribution to implementing the CEDP vision for learning and monitoring of school performance and mentoring of school leaders.


Director Data Intelligence

Raju Varanasi

Director Data Intelligence

Raju is the CEDP Chief Information Officer. In his current role, Raju has already overseen the introduction of a range of innovative enterprise platforms that have resulted in major system improvements and efficiencies. Raju’s work continues to assist CEDP to develop a better understanding of the needs of its students and staff.





The work of the Executive is supported by the Head of the Executive Office and the Chief Governance and Strategy Officer. Meetings are held weekly. In addition to regular Executive Team Meetings, each individual Director meets with the Executive Director twice a term in a formal capacity.











Strategic System Leadership Meetings

Eight Strategic System Leadership meetings are held each year as well as two half-day meetings. The meetings are attended by CEDP Directors, Heads, Chiefs and Learning Leaders, as well as all school Principals. They provide opportunities for collaborative ]engagement between CEDP and school leaders.