Research Applications

CEDP welcomes applications for research that are consistent with the System Direction (2016-19).

Please Note

  • Applications should generally already have Ethics Clearance from their Human Research Ethics Committee of their own organisation prior to submission of the Application Form.
  • Research cannot be conducted in system schools without approval from CEDP using the process outlined below.

The Application Process is as follows

  1. If necessary, contact CEDP to clarify your application prior to submission of the form at
  2. Read the Conducting Research in the Diocese of Parramatta guidelines before completing your application.
  3. Complete the National Projects – Application to Conduct Research in Schools form
  4. Send the form with all:
    • electronic signatures in place
    • extra documents attached (see sections 7, 9 and 10 of the form) to:
      Note: If a WWCC is required you will also need to provide your date of birth in order for CEDP to verify your check.
  5. Approvals are granted according to:
    • accuracy and completeness of the application form
    • appropriateness and relevance of the research to the CEDP System Direction
    • the impact on, and benefits to, students, staff, parents, schools and system
    • the number of applications already being implemented.
  6. Approval time can be up to 6 weeks from receipt of the form
  7. All researchers will receive a ‘Research Determination Letter’
  8. Approved researchers will receive a 'Letter of Approval'.
    • Researchers will use this permission letter to approach individual school Principals for their approval.
    • The 'Letter' may contain conditions of approval to which researchers must adhere.
    • The Principal of each school will have the final decision as to whether they agree for their school to participate in the research.

Contact Us

You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta by email or phone on (02) 9840 5600 weekdays between 8am and 5pm.

  •  Send us an email
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