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  • Year 12 exams - are they worth the stress?

    As hundreds of thousands of students prepare for their final exams, some educators are wondering whether they are worth all the stress.
  • How to help your child through the final HSC exams

    Too many young people see the HSC as the only road to a successful career. It’s not. There are so many different work and study pathways. Read more...
  • Schools and learning must continue to change and adapt

    Most of us are products of a traditional model of schooling so it’s certainly fair enough to ask: if it ain’t broke then why fix it? The answer to that is that the model is broken, and needs urgent fixing. Read more...
  • Exam culture values results and ranking more than learning

    Cheating is wrong regardless of the form it takes, but I would argue that using a one-size-fits-all approach to assessments that advantages some students over others, and measures success by ranking students against each other creates an atmosphere where it is more likely to occur. Read more...
  • How to deal with bullying at school

    When I was a school principal, one of the most challenging parts of my role was dealing with the complex matter of bullying. It is complex because it usually involves many people and often many perspectives. While it is critical schools handle these matters sensitively and in a timely manner, it is also important for parents and students to understand what bullying is. Read more...
  • Why we need more male primary school teachers

    In Australia, fewer and fewer males are pursuing careers as primary school teachers. In 2016, just over 18 per cent of primary school teachers were male. Read more...
  • Rewarding each student’s achievement encourages better learning

    Celebrating achievement is a recognition of an individual or team striving for excellence­. Trophies, medals, certificates and awards are acknowledgments of success. They are also used as incentives to work harder. Read more...
  • School reports twice a year no longer relevant in the modern world

    For many parents and carers, the only time they ever find out how their child is progressing at school is when they receive the twice-a-year school report. Read more...
  • Technology and the internet promoting kids with poor impulse control

    We LIVE in an ‘‘on demand’’ world driven by the mobility of technology and accessibility to the internet. The upside to this is greater connectivity and flexibility. The downside, especially for young people, is that the “on demand” nature­ of their lives may not be beneficial in the long-term. Read more...
  • NSW schools don’t allow students much say in learning

    THE purpose of democratic elections is to enable citizens to have their say in determining how the nation is governed. Unfortunately, the process of schooling has been a bit less democratic; not every voice has always counted. Read more...
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