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  • Learning Shouldn’t Be A Guessing Game

    One of the concerns often expressed by parents, especially of primary students, is the trend towards students doing work online, whether that is at school or at home. Increasingly, parents feel homework becomes a bit of a guessing game because they cannot always ‘monitor’ what is being learned online. Read more...
  • Gaining credit for prior learning

    IN a few months, the recommendations following the NSW Government's review into the curriculum will be released. The review sought feedback from the community, including parents, to determine whether the current curriculum still meets the needs of students. Read more...
  • HSC Minimum Standards

    If you have a son or daughter who is doing the Higher School Certificate (HSC) from 2020 onwards, then you need to be aware of something called the HSC minimum standards for literacy and numeracy. These standards have been introduced to ensure that all students from Year 10 have a foundational understanding of reading, writing and maths. Read more...
  • Shoud Children Strike?

    The School Strike 4 Climate Action Day held on 15 March generated a lot of public debate and not just in relation to bringing greater attention to the issue of climate change. The question that attracted so much attention was whether students should be encouraged to strike on a legislated school day. Read more...
  • Bringing Pets to School

    We introduced an open forum last year aimed at encouraging our primary and secondary students to ask me questions that matter to them. Recently, we had Year 5 and 6 students participate. Among the usual questions regarding the need for uniforms, sport and homework were ones about bringing pets to school. Read more...
  • In it for the long haul

    We have a state election at the end of this month and a federal election in May. That means being courted by politicians and what they promise to do for families, communities, the state and the country. As always, the two issues at the top of the list are health and education. Both are very important indicators of Australia’s progress as a nation. Read more...
  • Shoeless Schools

    Many primary schools use a reward/award system to encourage positive behaviour, some schools in the UK are choosing to walk a different path. Read more...
  • Looking through a new lens

    We live in a world that is governed by rules and these rules are designed to keep us safe. Schools operate under the same principles. Sometimes however, schools can become overly focused on the ‘rules’ that have no direct impact on safety, or the quality of learning and teaching. Read more...
  • What’s the role of the teacher aides?

    While teacher aides do not have the same level of qualification, training and experience as teachers, they are valuable assets to teachers and learners. Read more...
  • Teachers turn straw into gold

    Acclaimed journalist and TV presenter, Stan Grant has spent his career reporting on stories from around the globe so it was a privilege for our school leaders to hear Stan share his own remarkable story.
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