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  • Crafting a love of writing

    Like many other people, my experience of writing as a student was about essays, taking notes from a blackboard and on occasions, having to write out hundreds of lines. For me, it wasn’t just the writing of lines that felt like punishment. Read more...
  • Relief from learning disruptions

    I recently had a conversation with a parent who felt frustrated by what they called the ‘revolving door’ of teachers their son had for Year 8 Maths. Read more...
  • School Technology Costs

    As technology improves, the costs decrease. And while that’s good news, for many families with school-aged children, technology costs can still be a significant part of the family budget, particularly when there are multiple children needing different devices for learning. Read more...
  • Four decades in schooling

    A colleague of mine, Anne, a primary principal, is retiring at the end of this year after 47 years working in schools. So how does one survive and thrive in education for almost half a century? Read more...
  • Asking the hard questions

    Recently, we introduced a new initiative to promote student voice using social media. It is designed to give students the opportunity to directly ask me questions that are important and relevant to them. The event was streamed live via YouTube. Read more...
  • Creating positive environments

    We’ve all been in classrooms where disruptive student behaviour has a kind of domino effect on other members of the class. One or two students become distracted or move off-task and it spreads quickly. We know these seemingly minor disruptions can often have big impact on the learning for the whole group. Read more...
  • The new world of work

    Try and imagine the world in about five years from now. Your car is automated and you have a smart home that knows when to boil the jug so that you can have a hot cup of tea ready for you when you walk in the door. This is the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘machine learning’. Read more...
  • Educating young people about mental health

    October is mental health month, which reminds us of the need to teach young people social and emotional skills. Sadly, we have many more young people today reporting feelings of anxiety and depression. If we want them to be great learners and be happy, then we all need to understand wellbeing and mental health. Read more...
  • Inquiry starts early

    When you think about the skills you need to be effective in your workplace, it often comes down to teamwork, problem-solving and communication. These are the same skills we want to develop in all learners from kindergarten through to Year 12. Read more...
  • Seize the day, Dan Tehan, and make education extraordinary

    Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Executive Director Greg Whitby shared his "study notes" with new Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan in the The Sydney Morning Herald this week. Read more...
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