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  • Education is a gift for all

    NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes recently set the cat amongst the pigeons when he announced that there would be no new fully selective schools built in NSW. He argued passionately that every child needs to be viewed as gifted and talented and educated in a way that allows these qualities to flourish. Read more...
  • Selective schools a ‘ruse’

    Getting into a selective school is a bit like elite tennis in some Sydney circles: high pressure, worked-up parents, early starts, frequent practice sessions, expensive coaching regimes. Education was never intended to be a competitive individual sport. Great schools for every child – not just for selected students – are the only way to play fair in education. Read more...
  • STEM isn’t everything

    Last month, NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes suggested schools needed to avoid the over-promotion of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) above other areas, cautioning against following education ‘fads’. We have to be very careful that we don’t overreact to the STEM trend, otherwise we could be doing ourselves a disservice. Read more...
  • The Two Sides of Social Media

    These days it is rare to find a teenager who doesn’t have at least one social media account. When I speak to young people, I’m always interested in hearing about how they use and often misuse technology. Read more...
  • Discipline and punishment are not the same thing

    It’s no secret that the industrial model of schooling was built on ensuring students comply. Over the decades, we’ve used all sorts of ‘carrot and stick’ approaches. It was only around 25 years ago that corporal punishment was banned. Fortunately, those days are gone but dealing with difficult behaviours in schools remains very challenging.
  • Parents are key partners

    Schools strive to deliver the best outcomes for students. However, schools sometimes miss a golden opportunity to do even more for their students when they fail to engage parents as partners in education.
  • Rethinking the role of the school principal

    There has been a lot of coverage in recent years on the growing number of stressed out school principals. It is pretty clear that leading a school community is not only demanding but can also be lonely work.
  • The school parking dilemma

    Not that long ago, it was the norm for children to walk to school, catch a bus or train, or get a lift with another parent. Today, more parents are choosing to drive their children to school and this has meant a lot more traffic congestion around schools and demands on available parking spaces. Read more...
  • Student Voice is Powerful

    When you think about the most successful organisations and businesses, customer feedback and satisfaction means everything. How often have you been asked how the meal was; whether you enjoyed your stay or how you would rate your driver? Read more...
  • Is there a right way to learn?

    Most of us went to school at a time when the only way to learn your times tables was to memorise and recall by heart. We call this type of learning - rote. Read more...
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