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  • What kids can teach us at Christmas time

    Most people think of the end of the school year as a “wind-down” period. The reality is that for most schools, it is the busiest time of year. There are final reports to be written, Christmas concerts to be organised and assemblies to be co-ordinated. We can be mistaken in thinking that the learning ends when the teaching of the curriculum does. Not so! Read more...
  • Formals have become too expensive and competitive

    IT seems that the days of renting a suit, borrowing the family car and heading off to the school hall or local club for the Year 12 school formal are well and truly over. In some instances, the Year 12 school formal has become a major expense with students (and parents) forking out hundreds of dollars for a one-night-only event. Read more...
  • We need a new way to teach maths and science

    When you visit the dentist it’s reasonable to expect that you don’t have someone trained in geography working on your teeth. Yet in schools, particularly secondary schools, we have maths and science being taught by teachers without the deep knowledge needed to teach these subjects. Read more...
  • Great teachers inspire for a lifetime

    One of the first questions I always ask is “Which teacher inspired you most and why?” Without a pause, my guests can all name that teacher. Read more...
  • Greg's "Big Interview" in The Educator magazine

    Award-winning senior educator Greg Whitby talks about the radical change he believes is necessary for the education system in Australia. Read more...
  • Manage children’s access to news media to save them from anxiety

    IT’S been difficult to escape recent media coverage of catastrophic hurricanes, terrorist attacks and shootings. As adults, we all respond differently to traumatic events and it is the same for children. It is not always easy for parents to talk to their child about tragic events but it is important that they do. Read more...
  • Why students need to fail to learn how to succeed

    It is well known that the most successful entrepreneurs, scientists, inventors, writers and sports people have all failed and failed often. Read any interviews or biographies and you find failure is not only acknowledged but celebrated. Read more...
  • Year 12 exams - are they worth the stress?

    As hundreds of thousands of students prepare for their final exams, some educators are wondering whether they are worth all the stress.
  • How to help your child through the final HSC exams

    Too many young people see the HSC as the only road to a successful career. It’s not. There are so many different work and study pathways. Read more...
  • Schools and learning must continue to change and adapt

    Most of us are products of a traditional model of schooling so it’s certainly fair enough to ask: if it ain’t broke then why fix it? The answer to that is that the model is broken, and needs urgent fixing. Read more...
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