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  • Faith in the Future

    The changing nature of the world means that schools exist in an increasingly competitive marketplace. There are more education choices available. There are also greater demands on schools and greater expectations. Schools in the 21st century are no longer closed shops - they are open, dynamic learning communities. Read more...
  • Nothing soft about ‘soft skills’

    There is a view among some that Australian students are falling behind because schools are too focused on teaching what are sometimes referred to ‘soft-skills’ like creativity and collaboration. Read more...
  • There are many paths to being a successful reader

    We know that high levels of literacy mean more opportunities for young people. We also know that teachers play a critical important role in teaching children how to read. The work of most teachers is evident in the early years when students begin developing their vocabulary and awareness of letter sounds. Read more...
  • School libraries matter

    In case you missed it, last week was Library and Information Week, which recognises the valuable role libraries play in our community and schools. Public libraries are a place of learning, research, ideas, discovery and for some, refuge and reflection. Read more...
  • Time for Schooling to Keep Up

    If you believe the newspaper headlines, our schools are headed for a shake-up. The recently announced curriculum review is aimed at ‘decluttering’ what many see as an already crowded curriculum, with the priority being to ensure that literacy and numeracy are treated as ‘foundational skills’. Read more...
  • Schools need to be ‘Disneyland for learners’

    Psychologist and author, Steve Biddulph was on radio recently talking about raising 21st century boys in today’s world. He mentioned research that found boys were on average 20 months behind girls in terms of development. Read more...
  • Gonski: a blueprint for change

    The review by David Gonski into the quality of Australian schools was released last week. The report confirms what many working in education have known for decades. Read more...
  • Education is a gift for all

    NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes recently set the cat amongst the pigeons when he announced that there would be no new fully selective schools built in NSW. He argued passionately that every child needs to be viewed as gifted and talented and educated in a way that allows these qualities to flourish. Read more...
  • Selective schools a ‘ruse’

    Getting into a selective school is a bit like elite tennis in some Sydney circles: high pressure, worked-up parents, early starts, frequent practice sessions, expensive coaching regimes. Education was never intended to be a competitive individual sport. Great schools for every child – not just for selected students – are the only way to play fair in education. Read more...
  • STEM isn’t everything

    Last month, NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes suggested schools needed to avoid the over-promotion of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) above other areas, cautioning against following education ‘fads’. We have to be very careful that we don’t overreact to the STEM trend, otherwise we could be doing ourselves a disservice. Read more...
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