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Dear families and colleagues, 

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is part of the evangelising mission of the Church. Our schools are Christ-centred learning communities who seek the highest educational outcomes for every student.
Under the leadership of our Bishop, we are committed to working collaboratively with our pastor and parishes and our families in the religious and faith formation of our students and staff.

In providing a strong educational foundation for the future, we are committed to our strategic intent to improve the learning outcomes of each student and ensure our teachers have professional and rewarding working lives. 

Our Quality Catholic Schooling framework identifies four domains - leading learning,   learning and teaching, community of learners and learning environments to drive continuous improvement across every one of our 78 schools in the diocese. 

My blog provides an opportunity for me to regularly comment on issues impacting on schooling. I invite you to read the posts and join in the conversation.

Greg Whitby
KSG Executive Director of Schools

Greg Whitby - Biography

KSG BA DipEd MEd GradDipRE MMgt JP
Executive Director

Greg Whitby is widely acknowledged as an innovative educator who is passionate about ensuring that schooling meets the needs of today’s learners. For the past 14 years, Greg has led a system of Catholic schools in both the Dioceses of Wollongong and now Parramatta.

Over the past two decades, Greg has been rethinking the nature of learning and teaching in a digital age and the role of learning environments and technology in supporting new pedagogies.He has been instrumental in the development of new school and learning space designs to accommodate contemporary learning and teaching.

In recent years, Greg has worked with school and system leaders to build teacher capacity in order to improve the learning outcomes of every student. He has forged global partnerships with leading educational thinkers such as Michael Fullan, Viviane Robinson, Helen Timperley and Lyn Sharratt to assist in bridging the gap between theory and classroom practice.

Greg has developed a strong national and international profile and regularly presents on educational change and leadership, school innovation and technology. He was nominated to deliver the prestigious AW Jones Oration in 2011. In the same year, Greg was appointed to the Federal Government’s Digital Education Advisory Group. He is also founding Chairman of CEnet (Catholic Education Network) – a not for profit company linking 745 schools across Australia on a robust virtual private network.  In addition, Greg is Fellow of the Australian College of Educators, the Australian Council for Educational Leaders and the Australian Institute of Management for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of education.

He received a Papal Knighthood in the Order of St Gregory the Great for his contribution to Catholic education. Greg was also named the most innovative educator in Australia by the Bulletin Magazine in its annual SMART 100 awards.  He was nominated by esteemed educator, Hedley Beare.

In addition to his blog, bluyonder and Twitter, Greg is the author of Educating Gen Wi-fi, which argues for the need to radically rethink the nature of learning and teaching in a connected world.

Committees and Roles

  • Member of the Australian Government's Digital Education Advisory Group (DEAG)
  • Commissioner of the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) and the Catholic Education Commission (CEC)
  • Chair, Church Resources National Information and Communication Technology Committee
  • Chairman of CENet (Catholic Education Network)
  • Chair, Systemic Schools Employment Relations Committee (SSERC)
  • Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Fellow of the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (FACEL)
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (FAIMM)
  • Member of the Australian College of Educators (MACE)



Official Headshot

Greg Whitby

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Media Enquiries

For media enquiries or further photographs contact the Catholic Education's Media Officer or phone 9407 7046. 


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