Frequently Asked Questions

  • Everything you need to know
    • What services will Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill provide?

      Catholic Learning Community Box Hill will accommodate around 2,000 learners in purpose-built, contemporary learning spaces and will include early learning, K-12, out of school hours care and vacation care, a learning needs hub and post school pathways with tertiary and business partners.

      This is a community of learning for all - teachers, students, families and the wider community.

    • Where will Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill be located?

      Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill is located within the grounds of Schofields campus of St John Paul II Catholic College (StJPII) at 85 Hambledon Road Schofields with the initial focus on secondary education (Years 7 and 8).

      Depending on numbers, the expectation is that 2019 will have students in Years 7-8 although student numbers are expected to be minimal.

      Once completed, the school will move to its permanent home at 40-46 Terry Road, Box Hill where it will offer a’ pre-to-post’ school (i.e. pre-school to beyond Year 12).

    • Why will the proposed school be temporarily located at Schofields campus of St John Paul II Catholic College (StJPII)?

      It is very clear that with the significant housing and development and infrastructure building in the area, there is a need for an additional school. The most pressing need at this time is for a secondary facility.

      After some other sites were considered, a decision was made to locate the temporary site on the grounds of Schofields campus of St John Paul II Catholic College (StJPII).This was done to ensure that there is a viable Catholic secondary education pathway for all students in the area.

    • What does this mean for St John Paul II Catholic College students?

      It will be school as usual for current and future StJPII students.

      While Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill will be temporarily located on the same grounds as the secondary school it will be separate from and operate separately to the secondary school. Santa Sophia will have its own learning spaces but their may be some sharing of resources with StJPII. It is envisaged Santa Sophia will have a small footprint on the StJPII school site.

      Every effort will be made to keep disruptions to a minimum. Having the temporary site at StJPII will mean a smoother transition for students from primary to secondary school and help to ensure continuity of learning and the best possible support for student wellbeing.

    • What are the traffic flow considerations?

      Initial enrolments in the first year will be open to Year 7 students. While this will mean some additional local traffic, given the small number of students enrolling at Santa Sophia, it is not expected to have a significant impact on local traffic congestion.

    • What grade or stage are you enrolling in 2019?

      This year, Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill is now accepting enrolments for Year 7 and 8 to commence in 2019.

      See the enrolment forms at the bottom of this page.

    • When can I enrol my child/ren for Years 7?

      We are currently accepting enrolments for Year 7 commencing in 2018 and 2019.  The procedure and enrolment forms can be found at the bottom of this page.

    • Who can attend a Catholic school and can I enrol my child/ren if I’m not Catholic?

      As a Catholic school we have a strong religious dimension. Students of non-Catholic background are welcome to apply for enrolment and, if accepted, must be willing to support and fully participate in the religious activities of the College.

      Where places are limited, priority will be given in order to:

      • Catholic students who live in the local parish
      • Catholic students from other parishes

      Learn more about Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta

    • Will the school enrol students from overseas who are not Australian residents?

      Enrolments of non-Australian citizens may only be considered after implementation of the existing general enrolment policy for the Diocese and at no time will they be enrolled in preference to an eligible local student. Systemic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta are able to offer enrolment to non-Australian citizens providing that they have a valid visa (the exception being subclass 571) and:

      • capacity exists within the school in the relevant year group

      • preference in enrolment is given to overseas students from practising Catholic families over those from other families

      • non-Catholic students enrolled and their guardians make a commitment to accept the ethos of the Catholic school and to participation by the student in all aspects of the Religious education of the school

      Learn more about enrolling in Catholic Schools

    • What are the school fees for Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill?

      School fees in the Diocese of Parramatta are broken into three areas:

      1. Annual Diocesan Tuition Fees set by the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
      2. Annual Diocese of Parramatta Diocesan Building Levy set by the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta
      3. Service fees set by each school

      Learn more about school fees and sibling discounts

    • How can I apply for a teaching position?

      We will be recruiting shortly. Keep checking the CEDP website for information about how you can apply for a teaching position at the proposed Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill.

      See Positions Vacant

    • Who will be the principal of Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill?

      The College’s foundation principal is Mr Mark De Vries. Mark has been working in Catholic education for more than 30 years. He is the current Director of Learning and Pedagogy at St Mark’s Catholic College Stanhope Gardens. Mark is thrilled to be offered this role and is keen to meet prospective Santa Sophia parents as soon as possible.

    • Are there transportation links to the school?

      Yes! Transport connections to StJPII Catholic College site in Schofields are already well established. Transport links and other infrastructure developments will take place over the next two to three years in preparation for the opening of the school at its permanent location at Box Hill.

    • Community information
      We're excited to be working together with students, families and community members to serve the Box Hill community. For initial enquiries, please contact CEDP reception on 02 9840 5600. 

Frequently Asked Questions